1.    Your company's logo displayed on an LED Truck that will be driven around the

       Washington DC Metro area before the 2021 Expobol-USA event begins.

2.    Your company's logo included in all advertising printed for the 2021 Expobol-USA event

        (10,000 flyers & 500 posters)

3.    One month of your firm being advertised on TV (Univision & Telemundo)

4.    One month of your firm being mentioned in all local radio promotions.

5.    Your firm's one page ad with logo printed in the upcoming edition of Andina Magazine.

6.     Social media promotions on: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter before and during the


7.    Your company's logo will be included in all video editorials posted at

        www.ExpoBolUSA.org  and www.andinamagazines.com

8.    Your firm’s logo placed into local newspapers for four weeks before the event begins.

9.    Provision of four reserved VIP parking spaces for your company's vehicles at the 2021

       Expobol-USA event. 

10.  Four vertical flags (6 'x 2' in size) prominently displayed at the event's main entrance.

11.  Your company's logo displayed on 2 LDC TV screens in the 2021 Expobol-USA Exhibition

       Area (visible from the stage).  

12.  A 20'x20' reserved booth space in a prominent area of the 2021 Expobol-USA Exhibition

       Area with tables and chairs included.

13.  Your firm's one page ad printed in 1,000 copies of the 2021 EXPOBOL-USA Program

       distributed during the two days of the event.  

14.  Recognition of your company at the 2021 Expobol-USA opening ceremony and ribbon


15.  Your firm's products being promoted at the 2021 EXPOBOL-USA event by Miss Expobol-

        USA over two days (twenty minutes per day) during prime event hours.  

16.   Mention of your firm or firm's products every hour in the theater during the 2021

        Expobol-USA event.

17.  Provision of food and drinks for your company's staff during the event.