Money Order, Certified Check and Cashier. (Certified and Cashier's check) Payable to EXPOBOL.

Payments from abroad: make payment via Money Orders, Western Union or Money Gram. Call via "WhatsApp " to ask for deposit confirmation (703) 980-7848, (703)-867-4949 (USA) and 769-06813 (Bolivia).


Acceptance Notice


Approved Exhibitors will be notified in writing via email within 3 days after full payment is recieved for the apporpied exhibition.


Food Vendors


  • 10’ x 10’ (feet), equivalent to 3 x 3 Mts. (Food Exhibitors must adhere to the regulations of the food enforcement regulations.

  • Letter of Acceptance.

  • A receipt for the payment of your sales position. 

  • A mus have a temporary permit for two days.

  • Information in how to enter and leave the event site.

  • Map of the exhibition area.

  • Addresses and hotel information.

  • Vendor Credentials will be provided upon your arrival.

  • Vendors parking is assigned in order of arrival. 

 For more information, please contact our US or Bolivian offices listed below at the bottom of this webpage.


NOTE: The organization EXPOBOL-USA, does not include air tickets, accommodations or cruise pass. Only transfers and refreshments services during the event.