About US 

EXPOBOL – In Washington D.C. in 2018, the Andina Magazine and a group of entrepreneurs held the first Bolivian Exhibition Fair Conference, Expobol, where exhibitors from various field met: design, commerce, culture, construction, art, technology, folklore, literature and a wide variety of participants who had a business meeting at the Professional Tender Center in the city of Fairfax, Virginia, which people from different parts of the country and from abroad attended.     


PLAN – The success during the first Expo Fair was due to the following communication strategies that effectively disseminated information about the event. Various institutions and organizations also participated.    

• Support from the Embassy of Bolivia

• Participation of the Bolivian Consulate 

• Participation of the Bolivian American Chamber of Commerce of New York 

• Dissemination of the event electronically to 7,000 members of these organizations 

• An agreement with the tri-state radio stations such as El Zol 97.5 FM, Mega 97.9 FM, Radio Unida 920 AM, La Nueva 98.7 FM, and The Chief 720 AM

• Television commercials through programs which broadcast on Univision and Telemundo  

• The diffusion of the 2019 event will be broadcast electronically

• Through the acquisition of advertising packages paid on Facebook for mass dissemination to the interested public 

• Strategic publication of projects on social networks  

• The distribution of flyers and information regarding EXPOBOL through direct digital and physical mail 


EXPOBOL - The second Bolivian Expedition Fair Conference was held in the United States of America. A business meeting of industry, commerce, technology, folklore, gastronomy, construction, and real estate where seminars were given; training workshops with panelists and expert speakers. Round-tables for business were conducted and served as a place to enjoy a large Bolivian cultural expedition.      

HEADQUARTERS – Expobol-USA's administrative office is located at 943 S. George Mason Drive, Arlington, Virginia 22204. Expobol's phone numbers are: (703) 867-4949; (571) 277-2772; (703) 980-7848; and (571) 232 6737.

SUPPORT– Many organizations, institutions, businesses, people and volunteers have committed themselves again to support the 2021 Expobol-USA's event, participating in it with the same enthusiasm as in the past. The Bolivian community residing in the United States has high expectations for this event.